First let me say that Laurie is the most responsible breeder of dachshunds I have met so far. She goes above and beyond standard breeder qualities from her adult boys and girls to the puppies.
Before the puppies are thought of she carefully selects the parents in regard to coat, body stature, temperament and genetic traits. I was impressed with her knowledge.
Once the pairs are selected and the babies are born, she ensures the best possible outcome for your pet.
From the time the puppies are born she gives mom and babies all the opportunities to thrive and be healthy. Part of her puppy essentials are love, attention, stimulation and desensitization. This ensures that your new puppy will be a loving, trusting and confident one!
For many years I have desired a Dachshund. I was always envious of people that had them. Then, I was intrigued by the long haired version. I had to have one and did my homework for a few years. I spoke with many breeders, but just didn’t get the good vibes about their dogs. The minute I spoke with Laurie, the more comfortable I felt that this was my chance to finally get on a waiting list and wait for my new baby.
I waited a few months for my new baby. Laurie and I would chat often about the pup’s progression. She sent me pictures weekly and I fell in love with my Blaze immediately. I could not wait to hold, smell and kiss my boy!
Not only did I get my Blaze, I gained a very close friendship with Laurie during the whole process. I cannot say enough about the quality of our friendship.
Blaze is an amazing, smart, quirky, loving, well adjusted, beautiful boy. He is the love of my life.
Hats off to Laurie for her amazing dedication in doing what she loves! I couldn’t ask for a better person to do what she does!!!!! Amelia Ostertag Smith, NH


Laurie is the best breeder of dachshunds!!! Sadie became part of our family about 10 months ago…she is the best little dachsie in the world!! Laurie gave her such a great start in her first 8 weeks and it has made it very easy to train her to do anything…she is so smart and so sweet!! Look no further than Laurie if you are looking to add a dachshund to your family…Laurie loves all her fur babies so much..it is not like a business to her but her life’s purpose!!! Leslie Smith Rowe NH

We couldn’t be happier with our two little friends from Knightz JoyDachshunds, Brigitte and Zoey. We’ve had several doxies over the years, but
these are our first longhairs.

All the dachshund attitude, but with extra
helpings of cute and cuddly.

Laurie is the best! We’ve been very impressedwith her knowledge and obvious love for the animals.

We’ve stayed in touchover the months. She’s always been there to answer questions, update us on
important doxie related news items, or to just share some pictures.

Peter and Helen Shorey

The first time I saw Lark, she was five days old, black, blind, and deaf. Laurie had invited me to see the seven-ounce puppy from a litter of six, and I took Lark (named by me) as fate, not choice. As my seventh dachshund, Lark is simply beautiful, smart as a whip, and is giving me my first experience in doxie conversation. Yes, she barks, of course but also has a doxie language all her own that is remarkable. As I see the fuller Lark emerging day after day, she is more unique to my history with dachshunds. Laurie speaks honestly when she promises potential owners that she invests tremendous love and effort in her dachshund brood.

Phyllis Austin

Kid tested, Mother approved!

Sometimes its hard to tell who loves who more.. but all I know is that we are happy to have each other 🙂

I don’t think we could thank you enough for bringing such a great addition to our Family! We all love him so much!

Amanda and Murphy

Let me say first off… I am not a dog person, I never haven been and I thought I never would be…
I didn’t know the first time I met Brooklyn that I would be calling her my own. My boyfriends dad surprised his wife with Brook, unfortunately they couldn’t keep her. But for that month she was at their house, she spent more time with me.
I fell in love the moment I laid eyes on her. We became best of friends. I couldn’t have imagined never seeing her again, it made me very sad.

When I found out that Brook was back with Laurie and her family, I searched the internet furiously to find their contact info to get her back. I contacted Laurie Sunday, and Brook was in my arms at noon the very next day.

She is the best wiener dog anyone could ask for.

Thank you so much for such an incredible addition to my family!

We will be back.

Stephanie Jelloe. MA

Our Kalli is from Laurie’s Kennel. As a breeder, she is the best. We were promised a loving, socialized little girl and we got all that and more. Laurie shared pictures and updates weekly, which allowed us to share in her growing. Complete with a maternity ward in a separate puppy building, Laurie pays attention to every detail in her breeding and care of the puppies. The receive excellent care and loving. Kalli is so well socialized that she fit right into our family of 3 dachshunds and 2 collies. I would definitely recommend Laurie as a breeder and I would seek her out for another little one.

Beverly and the gang of 6

Hi Laurie. Been trying to get good pics of the baby with all the other kids. I shot a cute video of Lex playing with Maddie. They enjoy playing together, and they are hysterical to watch. The little one chases the bigger one and clamps down on her tail and goes skiing. LOVE IT! She fits in so well its as if she was always meant to be here. She is amazing! I tell Everyone she’s the best dog I have ever had. So now I have you to thank you for helping bring two of my sweetest girls into my life. Love Ya!

Jennifer Benarbe-Tobin

Well where should I begin? Laurie is the kind of friend everyone wishes for but rarely ever find. I have been one of the few who is one of the very lucky. Laurie is the kindest, most gentle spirit I know with not only people but her animals. No one could ask for a puppy that is more loving, outgoing,socialized and beautiful. Laurie does this from her heart because she loves what she does. Having dachshunds also, I know what I am talking about. Hopefully you will also be lucky enough to acquire one of her babies. If you would like to call me for more info on Laurie be prepared 🙂 for a long phone call!!

Gail White

Hi Laurie! Here’s a few pictures of Levi! Only one word to describe him… Precious!! He is very smart. We have so much fun! We love having this little guy!


I couldn’t resist! Had to send this picture that I took yesterday! He likes to go in that milk crate!

My husband and I cannot say enough positive things about Laurie Knight, her Knightz Joy Dachshunds breeding program, her passion for what she does, and most of all about her dogs! We had the privilege of raising a standard long hair dachshund for 14 years until we lost her in 2012. In 2015 we were ready to become dog parents again. We thought we wanted another standard dachshund but could not find any breeders nearby (we are from southeastern NH). So we turned our focus to mini dachshunds. I clearly remember the Saturday evening I found our beautiful shaded-cream girl, Chloe, on Knightz Joy Dachshunds’ website. She was 3 or 4 weeks old and was available. I emailed Laurie and her response was immediate. We spoke the next day and the rest is history. The documentation Laurie provided on nutrition, dog food, vaccinations, and even the on the dangers of retractable leashes was very informational, educational, thought provoking, and very helpful as we prepared for Chloe’s arrival. The day we picked Chloe up she was freshly bathed with nails clipped and ready to go with a bag of goodies including her adoption paperwork, vaccination records, toys and blanket with her fur and her human moms’ scents on it. Raising a puppy takes a lot of work and dedication and Chloe was no exception. Chloe is now 9 months old we have found that she is very, very intelligent and she has socialized beautifully. She has not been skittish when confronted with loud noises, new situations, or with strangers. She is cautious in these instances but she is not afraid. I believe that Chloe’s confident demeanor is attributed to Laurie’s breeding strategies and also the desensitizing methods she uses during her puppies’ formative first few weeks of life. If you want a loving and well-balanced companion you won’t be disappointed if you sign up for one of Laurie’s Knightz Joy’s dogs.

John and Jacquie

Growing up I met my first dachshund at around eleven years old. She was a beautiful short-haired dapple that was as smart as a tack. Fast forward to five years later when I met my boyfriend, Ian. His father has a shirt-haired dachshund named Chien (Chien means dog in french). Chien is another brainy dachshund with lots of spunk still in her at nine years-old. In 2012 we began our family with our one and only child, Julian. Three years later Ian and I bought our first home in the Spring of 2015. We added a cat and two rabbits to the mix. We knew we eventually wanted a dog, so we began to save and look for the right one, as it is a life time commitment. At first we didn’t know what we were ready to commit to when it came to breeds. Ian mentioned to me one evening to look into dachshunds, because of their smarts, humor, and sweetness. Luckily enough we found Knightz Joy Dachshunds on Google. Living along the Canadian border at the tip top of Maine we thought we wouldn’t be able to find a breeder in our state. After coming into contact with Laurie Knight we knew she was sincere about her pups and providing them the best life possible. Laurie and I stayed in close contact along Erinn’s pregnancy, delivery, arrival of the little beauties and the first weeks of their lives. Laurie presents herself in a professional fashion, while investing herself 150% to her “long” fur babies. Her efforts and hard work truly pays off. Laurie begins working with the puppies from the day they are born and continues on until they go home. She educated me on Puppy Culture. It is a perfect system to help teach yourself and your pup about all things from teething to potty training.
When telling people about our families new arrival they often would ask what I paid. Now, have you ever heard the statement “You get what you pay for”? Well, my pup was worth every penny that I saved! I have never seen a more well-behaved and responsive puppy at such a young age. My Phoebe listens so well, is eager to please and have her belly rubbed. When you are looking into welcoming a “long” fur baby into our family, look no further than Knightz Joy Dachshund, you will not be disappointed! Dachshunds are so addicting!

Staci G

My wife Paula and I had the absolute best experience ever working with Laurie to get both our Knightz-Joy Dachshunds …Beau and Luc. She does a wonderful job not only getting them ready to go home with us but keeping us involved every step of the way with weekly pictures and videos of our Puppies has they progress. Laurie exceeded every expectation we had and our two Dachshunds are the love of our lives bringing us joy every single Day!

David and Paula W

Cooper is our first dachshund and I can honestly say he is the best thing that has happened to me and my husband.

When we first met Cooper we weren’t sure if we wanted him, his brother, or a little girl from a different litter. Laurie was insistent, “This is the puppy for you and I know it.” My husband and I were skeptical, rightfully so. How could someone we have never met choose the ‘perfect’ puppy for us?

We first met Cooper when he was 6 weeks old, he was full of spirit and it seemed as though he didn’t care about us. We picked him up and he instantly melted and showered us in kisses and affection. We knew Laurie was right. Cooper was the one for us.

It seemed like months had gone by before we could pick up our already loved puppy (it was only 2 weeks). We picked him up, put on his new harness and buckled him into the car on my lap.His journey with us had begun.

We worked with Cooper since day 1, teaching him to respect his home, his parents, and others. He was house broken at 10 weeks, knew sit, lay down, and roll over by 12 weeks.

After a few months Cooper was able to join in a class for dog training. The trainer said, “Are you crazy, training a dachshund? Don’t you know that they are un-trainable?” After the first day the trainer apologized and said, “Cooper is motivated, owner focused, and so intelligent. I can’t believe how well he is doing. You have one special dog.”

Cooper is one special dog indeed. Cooper often goes to the dog park and visits adults with intellectual disabilities.

Cooper has been known to have a big personality for a small dog. He plays with all dogs, big and small. He is fearless and is known to referee the dog park. Cooper is well known in our community and well loved.

Cooper is great with our cats and is often found cuddling or playing with them.

Cooper is on the fast track to becoming a therapy dog. He will begin his training when he reaches his first birthday!

Laurie is very involved and often checks in with us to offer her advice or just to see how we are doing.

Cooper has been perfectly healthy since we got him. He even traveled to New York with us to visit our Nana. Even though he was in the car for 6 hours one way, he was a perfect guest.

Cooper lives in a small apartment and goes to Grandma’s for day care. Cooper is able to adjust to the energy of the day, whether it’s laying around at home, or an adventurous hike outside.

We couldn’t have asked for a better dog or a better breeder. Laurie has been wonderful throughout Cooper’s life. She is very passionate, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Having Cooper in our lives has really enhanced my household. Cooper is loved by my husband and I, his aunts and uncles, his grandparents, and our friends in our community. Most of all, Cooper is still loved by his first human mother, Laurie.

Amanda, Brian, Cooper

Hi Laurie!

Zola is doing great! She’s acclimated to our house very nicely. She already has a couple spots here that she has claimed as her own. With all the traffic in and out of here of people wanting to meet her, I thought she might be skittish, but she loves the attention! As I’m writing this, she’s on the floor burrowing in a blanket we have piled up for just that purpose. She’s eating, sleeping, and playing like she should and bringing much joy to everyone!

Thank you so much for bringing us together. We couldn’t love her any more than we do!!


Hi Laurie, I thought I would let you know that Zak is doing great. We just love him. He had his last shot last week. My vet said he’s great. He is 9 pounds now. He has just snuggled right in to our family. I take him to the Shaw home every other day. That is a nursing home that my father is in. The picture that I attached is of my dad and Zak. They all love him. The residents of the home light up every time they see him. And let me tell you Zak walks around like he owns the place. It’s really a great time. Zak has the best temperament. I am so thankful you let me be his mom. I will send you more pics at Christmas. Have a great Thanksgiving. Take care.

Karen Merianos

I just bought my dachshund from Laurie, Laurie is very special SHE takes tender loving care of her dogs. My puppies name is Sasha she is almost 4 month's. She is friendly with kids adults and other dogs. She is my baby girl. I can't Thank Laurie enough for the way she cares for her dogs she sent me pictures every week and sometimes every day she keeps in touch with the buyer Laurie is very easy to talk too about your puppy you are waiting for so if you want a,tender loving puppy contact her she is the best breeder XXXXOOOO Ann Gauvon

Our puppy is 10 months old and we are always stopped by people telling us how beautiful he is! Laurie does a wonderful job caring for her puppies and getting them ready for their homes. Our puppy was truly almost potty trained when he came to us. I can't imagine how much work it is to nurture puppies those first 8 weeks but she is knowledgeable and unwavering in her commitment to produce healthy, happy and intelligent little dogs. Thanks, Laurie! Deb Hewey, NH

Gertie is Sadie's litter mate (sister). She was house broken at the age of about 3 months. And is sometimes too smart for her own good! Funny, lively, happy and spirited! As well as being adorably cute (pretty)! Laurie did a great job raising this pup. I highly recommend the Puppy Culture method which is what Laurie uses. Becky Judd, NH