Health Guarantee and Contract

Knightz Joy Dachshunds

Laurie A.Knight
18 Knight Dr.
Woolwich, ME 04579
Kennel License #F1406
Sales Contract and Health Guarantee

This agreement entered into on ____________________________________________________by and

between Laurie A. Knight herein known as the (Seller)


Phone (home)_______________________________(cell)__________________________________________

referred to as Buyer. Consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements, herein after set fort, it is agreed as follows

1.Seller agrees to sell and Buyer agrees to purchase said dachshund.Pet only no papers______




Microchip #___________________________


Dog/Puppy”s Medical History is listed on the Health Record provided at the Time of Sale.
Said Puppy is of Sound Body and in Good Health and Free of Communicable Disease at the
Time of Sale to the Best of the Knowledge and Belief of the Seller. AKC does not assure the
Health and Quality of said Puppy. Buyer understands that Color, Size are an Estimate by the
Seller based on past litters, parents and lineage but Not Guaranteed by the Seller.
It is Required by this Contract said puppy to be examined by a Licensed Veterinarian within
10 Days of receipt of said Puppy and signing of this Contract. Failure to do so will result in the Voiding of this Contract.

It is not uncommon for Dachshunds to be highly allergic to LEPTO vaccinations and we do not give vaccinations with LEPTO and urge you to discuss this with your veterinarian BEFORE giving any vaccination containing LEPTO. We are NOT responsible for any adverse reactions due to vaccinating your puppy or your puppy being given LEPTO alone or as part of any vaccination. Please discuss vaccinations with your vet and follow their advice. Breeder/seller will not be responsible should your puppy contract any infectious or contagious disease once he/she leaves breeder/sellers care.

I, the Buyer, have received with this Contract a copy of The State of Maine, Animal Welfare and Regulations, Chapter 745. Jurisdiction for all matters involving this sale and contract shall be determined pursuant to laws of the State of Maine.
Buyers Initials_________

3. Buyer agrees to Spay or Neuter said Puppy at 14 to 18 months . This puppy is Pet Only No Papers. Buyer agrees to Never Breed said Puppy.

Buyer’s Initials______________

4. If at any time in Dog/Puppy’s Lifetime the Buyer Cannot or Wishes Not to care for said Dog/Puppy, it is Required by this Contract that the Seller be Notified Immediately. Our goal at Knightz Joy Dachshunds is to provide wonderful pets to loving homes and we Never want to see one of our Dog/Puppies go to a Shelter or Pet Store and or be Homeless. If need be I will assist you in placing your pet in a new home. All paperwork should accompany this Dog/Puppy.
No Refunds will be given.

Buyer’s Initials______________

5.Failure of Buyer to Comply with Any conditions of this Agreement/Contract will Relieve the Seller of Any and All Obligations to the the Buyer.
Buyer Initials_______________

Price of Puppy $______________ Tax 0.055%$__________

Total Price $_______________Deposit $_______________ Balance $____________

Paid in full ———————————-

The sale of dogs and cats is subject to consumer protection regulations. Maine law also provides safeguards to protect sellers and animal purchasers. Attached is a copy of the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 7 , chapter 745. Contained in this law is a statement of your consumer rights and remedies. Also attached is your pet’s health history and specific warranty information.*

Signature of Seller________________________________________________Date___________

Signature of Buyer________________________________________________Date___________